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Author of Phaser Editor 2D, a friendly IDE for HTML5 game development.

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Phaser Editor 2D Backers

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Phaser Editor 2D Backers

Arian Fornaris
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Welcome to the Phaser Editor 2D membership program.

Phaser Editor 2D is a web-based IDE for making web games. It uses the popular Phaser framework. Visit the Phaser Editor 2D website for more information.


This membership is for you if:

  • You want to contribute more to the Phaser Editor 2D funding.

  • You want a Phaser Editor 2D license and pay as you go.

  • You are an enterprise business.

If you are a long-term user, we recommend you purchase a Lifetime License.

The license key generated by this membership is personal and expires when you cancel your membership. With the license key, you can unlock the editor.

Backer Tier

In addition to the license key you get:

  • Email support forever, in English and Spanish.

  • Software updates.

If you are a small business, organization, or team, you can purchase (and manage) multiple subscriptions.

Defender Tier

Subscribe to the Defender Tier if you have (or are planning) profitable products made with Phaser Editor 2D and you want to contribute more with us on maintaining our products and services.

Enterprise Tier

Subscribe to the Enterprise Tier if you are a business and want to secure the present and future of Phaser Editor 2D. It includes full access to the source code of all the parts of the editor.

Read the Enterprise Tier Agreement for a complete description of this tier.

Contact us

You can contact us at

Note 1: If you own a previous license, it still works!

Note 2: Phaser Editor 2D versions previous to v3.10.1 do not recognize the license keys generated by this membership.

Note 3: Phaser Editor 2D is not an official editor for Phaser. It is a third-party product developed by Arian Fornaris. Phaser is developed by PhotonStorm.

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Membership for helping build Phaser Editor 2D.

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